Since March, we’ve all learned to go without some of life’s simplest pleasures – going to the movies, hanging out at parties, festivals, and sports events to name just a few. Sure, ZOOM works but it doesn’t fill the void. For most of us, food has stepped up to do double or triple duty. Cooking, baking at home, trying new recipes, and snacking are bigger pastimes than ever.

Admit it – the biggest craving of all is driven by our sweet tooth. Sugar, that bad actor (or our best friend) occupies a conflicted, but important place in our lives. We’re going to get into trouble for saying this but it’s true! Goodies made with sugar offer powerful comfort.

We agree that you shouldn’t eat too much dessert too often but we also say that the desserts you choose should deserve you! They should be fresh, taste fantastic, be homemade with top quality ingredients, be beautiful, and have no fake stuff!

Which brings us to the present day – Fall is here now and we’re getting a jump on it in our bakery with lots of pumpkin, apple, and old-fashioned flavors.

New on the menu is our Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake (based on my mother’s pre-WWII recipe) which we’ve been making every year since 1988. It’s rich pumpkin cream cheese filling, honey walnut crust, and whipped cream, putting it squarely into the top of the decadent class. We’ve also got good ol’ Pumpkin Pie – cooked from scratch and topped with homemade whipped cream, Ruby Red Velvet Cake (four layers!) with cream cheese icing, fresh baked Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins, and the gooiest Pecan Pie! And while you’re at it, be sure to try our new Pumpkin Pie Latte, steamed with fall spices.

Your strongest cravings have met their match!

– Jean Bernstein

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