To the devoted fans of our (giant) Matzoh Ball Stew:

To the uninitiated, the humble matzoh ball is just a simple dumpling. But actually, matzoh balls are super tricky. Those of us that grew up in Jewish households know that they represent the crowning achievement of a skilled Jewish cook. How many of us, once we reached adulthood, attempted to make them with ruinous results?

A perfect matzoh ball should be light and airy but just dense enough to withstand lengthy simmering in chicken broth.

My late mother was a highly competitive matzoh ball master. Her goal was always to outdo her neighbors. She experimented with soda water and whipping eggs whites, among many other techniques. Devotion to scientific precision was yet another contribution to her success. 

Over the years, our Flying Star chefs remastered her little recipe and successfully scaled it up to allow us to make huge batches perfectly. Only a couple of our very best cooks are entrusted to make these culinary wonders!

Every year at Passover, by making matzoh balls, we honor the traditions of our past. So enjoy – but only for two weeks!

– Jean Bernstein

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