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I just want to say thank you for all the rewards I’m getting from you. I really appreciate it!

Adrian Frequent Flyer since Oct 2015

Awesome eclair and coffee! Great job guys.

Darrell Customer since Nov 2015

Everyone needs to come tonight for dinner. Great food, clean restrooms great crowd. Fun night.

Brian Customer since Sep 2015

Helpful staff, very quick and responsive, free WiFi allowed me to work while I was there

Roci Customer since Oct 2015

I enjoyed my favorite breakfast EVER here today! I ordered the tofu scramble and was seriously blown away by how amazing it was! The savoriness and various textures made it melt in my mouth. I also ordered the blueberry tea which was incredible as well! Definitely a must-go.

Courtney Customer since Nov 2017

My friend took me out to eat here and I really enjoyed it–yum yum. Breakfast all day and great coffee–how can you go wrong? Also was a great work spot–a number of people were set up w/their laptops to get work done throughout the day.

Mel Customer since Jan 2014

How it Works

Our rewards program is powered by Thanx.

1. Register your credit or debit card

Your card is never charged. It’s how we securely connect rewards to you.

2. Use that card each time you pay

Earn reward progress each time you shop. 100% progress earns free stuff!

3. Rewards get sent right to your phone

No check-ins or nonsense! Your phone buzzes when you get a reward.

Frequent Flyer FAQs

What is the difference between Thanx and the Frequent Flyer program?
The Frequent Flyer Rewards program is still powered by Thanx, which is the company that maintains the reward earning and redemption of our Frequent Flyer members.
Where do I get the Flying Star Cafe App?
The app is free to download from the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android).
Can I still use my Thanx app on my phone to see and redeem rewards?
Thanx is a rewards app that services multiple merchants. It has been replaced with our dedicated Flying Star app because it allows members to manage rewards, place online orders, or just browse the menu – all in one app. For customers that still use the Thanx app, we recommend replacing it with the Flying Star app, but if they don’t, yes, they will still see rewards in that app without the online ordering capabilities.
Can I sign up and use Frequent Flyer rewards without a smartphone?

Yes. You can sign up on the web by going to thanx.com/flyingstar. The web version of the app works just like the phone app. After joining, just sign in at mobile.thanx.com to view and use your account via the web.

What cards work with Frequent Flyer Rewards?
Thanx works with credit or debit formats of MasterCard and Visa, and American Express.
Why does Thanx need my credit card?
The credit/debit card used to register as a Frequent Flyer is how we securely connect rewards to you. Neither Thanx nor Flying Star see or store your credit card information. When you register your card with the Thanx app, your card number is encrypted with bank-level security and sent directly from your phone to the card network (Visa, MasterCard, etc.). The bank enrolls your card with Thanx and sends us a notification when you make a purchase at a Flying Star location. Thanx will not and cannot charge your card.

Does Thanx share my personal information?
No. Thanx does NOT share your personal information with anyone, including the merchants you shop with.

Can I use multiple credit cards to earn rewards?
Yes! Any card registered in your rewards account will earn rewards. You can add as many cards as you like and transactions made with any linked card will earn reward progress. Simply go to “Registered Cards” in the app menu to add more cards.
How can I use Cash?

If you would like to use cash for a transaction, no problem! Just tap on the menu in the app and choose UPLOAD RECEIPT and you will be able to snap a picture of the receipt and submit it. For manually submitted receipts, it takes a few days to show up in your account.

Can I submit a receipt if I used cash or a card that is not linked to my rewards account?

Yes. Just tap on the menu in the app and choose UPLOAD RECEIPT and you will be able to snap a picture of the receipt and submit it. For manually submitted receipts, it takes a few days to show up in your account.

Do Gift Card purchases count towards my account?
Yes. Purchases of Gift Cards with cash or a registered credit/debit card count towards rewards progress.

Can I access my account online?
Yes! You can login online by going to mobile.thanx.com or by using the Flying Star Café app.
What bakery items are included in the Flying Star Free Bakery Item Sign Up and Birthday rewards?
Any individual bakery item, including cake and pie slices. Whole pies and cakes are excluded.

Can the $5 reward be used for any purchase?
The $5 reward can be used for any food, beverage, or retail purchase except Alcohol and Gift Cards.

Do my rewards ever expire?
Birthday rewards expire after the month of your birthday. Some limited-time promotion rewards will have a stated expiration date. All other earned rewards will expire after one year.

Can I use multiple rewards at once?
Only one reward can be redeemed per transaction.
If I accidentally press the “redeem” button for my reward but do not redeem it, can I get it back?
If you accidentally pressed the redeem button in the Thanx app, please email the Thanx support team at support@thanx.com and they will happily assist you!

Flying Star Cafe

Flying Star Cafe

Fine cuisine in a coffee shop scene.

Fine cuisine in a coffee shop scene.

We’re foodies. Creating great food and desserts are at the heart of what we do.

We’re foodies. Creating great food and desserts are at the heart of what we do.

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© 2017 Flying Star Cafe

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