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At Flying Star Cafe, we serve you our delicious, nutritious food, while satisfying your craving for comfort and community. We accomplish this with a passion for quality down to the tiniest detail, our commitment to exceptional service, our willingness to invest in our belief that people are the most important ingredient of all.

We welcome your comments, concerns, and questions. Please contact us at [email protected] or use the contact forms below to send us a note right now.

Here are a few of the more common questions our customers have. Just click on whatever interests you.

Cafe Experience

Just click on the tab "Tell us about your Visit" and give us your feedback now or feel free to send an email to [email protected].

Thanx Rewards

Thanx is the Flying Star Cafe and Satellite Coffee customer rewards app that can be installed on your IOS or Android smartphone. Our customers sign up and link a credit or debit card to their account so that each time they use their linked card at one of our locations, they will earn automatic and instant rewards progress! No private card information ever retained by Thanx or by Flying Star Cafe. It is simply used to let your card provider know that you have approved using the value of a purchase at Flying Star to generate rewards in the app. More than 25,000 customers use our rewards program regularly. Click here to find out more about or sign up for our Thanx rewards program.

Gift Cards

Flying Star Gift Cards are available all-year-long at both Flying Star Cafe and Satellite Coffee locations. Click here to find out more about Flying Star Gift Cards.

Fundraisers for my organization

Flying Star supports numerous organizational fundraising efforts by local organizations through its Fundraiser Nights program, which provides support for fundraising efforts hosted at our local cafes. Click here to learn more about Flying Star Fundraiser Nights.


Requests for information regarding Flying Star Cafe donations can be submitted to the marketing department by sending an email to [email protected]. Please bear in mind that Flying Star contributes to the community extensively through support for in cafe Fundraiser Nights and through established relationships with a number of existing charities, so we are unable to support all donation requests.

Cafe WiFi

Flying Star Cafes provide free WiFi at all of its locations. By your use of our free WiFi Service, you acknowledge the following:

  • You assume responsibility for all content and materials distributed, transmitted, accessed or viewed while using the Service.
  • Viruses or other harmful applications may be transmitted through the Service.
  • We do not guarantee the security of the Service. Unauthorized third parties may access your computer or monitor your connection. Please ensure that your computer's firewall has been enabled to minimize risk.
  • The Service is provided "as-is" and on an "as-available" basis without warranty of any kind.
  • You assume all risk associated with your activities conducted online through the Service, as well as all liability and damages incurred that arise or result from your online activities through the Service.
YourPost Community Event Posting

YourPost provides a digital portal to local events that is available at each Flying Star Cafe and Satellite Coffee location. If you would like to post your local event, please visit yourpost.com. From there you can view posts, create a post, register, or find out more information about posting your event.

Company Information

If you have questions regarding Flying Star Cafe, please click submit them by clicking on the tab "Submit a Question" and we will do our best to provide the information that you are seeking.

Public Relations

If you are a media representative or have questions regarding media access to Flying Star Cafe, interviews, or other public relations activities, please send your inquiry to [email protected]

Nutritional Information

Because of the large variety of unique items on our menu and the frequency with which we offer special new items, we are currently unable to maintain updated nutritional information online, however, we will be happy to assist you with any ingredient questions you might have. Just contact us at [email protected]

flyingstarcafe.com Website

If you are having trouble with any part of the flyingstarcafe.com website, please let us know by sending us a note at [email protected].

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Flying Star Cafe

Flying Star Cafe

Fine cuisine in a coffee shop scene.

Fine cuisine in a coffee shop scene.

We’re foodies. Creating great food and desserts are at the heart of what we do.

We’re foodies. Creating great food and desserts are at the heart of what we do.

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© 2017 Flying Star Cafe

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