Exciting Times for Vegetarians, Vegans, & Flexitarians

Flying Star has long been a bastion for vegetarians. Lots of fresh veggies and creative dishes designed to be delicious without meat in mind have always been a big part of our menu. We started in the 1980’s with the Garden Burger (remember when?) and went on to develop our own veggie burgers. Even though they were pretty darn good, they never quite satisfied what vegetarians were looking for – PROTEIN – and lots of it.

Today, we’ve found some amazing ALT meats that are versatile, really delicious, and packed with plant proteins. COVID has not only kicked up the health movement, it has also caused many people to rethink meat’s relationship to their diet.

We’re having fun with this! Instead of making the ALT meats ourselves, we’re into creating new dishes with popular ingredients from Beyond Meats and Impossible Foods like the Beyond Mediterranean Burger and the Chimichurri Rice Bowl. We are also reimagining how some of our regular meat dishes could be made with ALT meats instead! The delicious results have surprised even the most hardcore meat eaters.

Some things to try…

Try our Gardein (Un) Chicken on a salad or get our Beyond Mediterranean Burger made with (Un) Chicken or an Impossible burger! Sub Beyond’s Classic Breakfast Sausage Patties for the turkey sausage in your SW Bennie or flip between Beyond or Impossible burgers then decide which one you like best. Let us know which one YOU prefer!

Flying Star employees are very opinionated about which ones are their favorites – Why not ask them for their recommendations?

-Jean Bernstein

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