It’s Time for Something New!

When we opened Double Rainbow in 1987, we were one of the first in a wave of entrepreneurs who recognized historic Nob Hill as a place worth preserving for future generations.

Thirty-two years later, the district still calls to young entrepreneurs to try their luck on Route 66.

Despite setbacks to the area, we believe that Nob Hill is very much worth investing in. Our local small business community contributes to creating a place that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! That is what keeps us on Central Avenue.

It’s our turn to renew and reinvent!

For the first time in thirty-two years, we’ll be closing for several weeks — and when we reopen, we’ll be an exciting new place with the same great food and desserts! 

The Nob Hill cafe will be temporarily closed beginning Thursday, August 1st and is expected to reopen by early November.

The remodel plans are extensive and include back-of-house upgrades as well as front-of-house changes that will completely transform the cafe. Following the remodel, guests will find a new, modern dining room, complete with improved seating, new equipment, and updated flooring, finishes, and lighting.

“We are honored to be part of this great district and are excited to continue serving the area for years to come!”

-Mark & Jean Bernstein

Join us as we take a quick look
at our time in Nob Hill!

1987 – 2019


On November 7th, we open as Double Rainbow Ice Cream with 39 seats!


We hire our first baker, Ralph Gurule; his recipes are still used to this day.


We expand into the building next door, more than tripling our space.


The First Satellite Coffee opens inside our Double Rainbow Nob Hill location.


Taking inspiration from a vintage firecracker label, we rebrand as Flying Star Cafe as we expand our menu and increase our offerings.


We move into our large scale production facility at 2701 Broadway Blvd to meet the demand for our homemade baked goods.


Celebrating 20 years as a mainstay in Nob Hill.


Celebrating 30 years in business.


The first rendering our newly remodeled interior. Scheduled to be completed in Fall 2019

Stay tuned for more information as the renovation gets underway!

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