We’re really excited to partner with Goldbelly for nationwide delivery of select desserts and our unique New Mexico soups and sauces.

What’s Goldbelly? Think of it as the Etsy of food – lots of little makers, local restaurants from around the US who have achieved notoriety for overall excellence or who specialize in their regions’ culinary traditions.

There are also celebrity chefs and Food Networks stars like Daniel Boulud, Marcus Samuelsson, Cat Cora (the first female Iron Chef) or the Cake guy, Duff Goldman – to name a few. Goldbelly’s team meticulously samples, and approves every morsel of food and dessert before they agree to offer a maker’s product. It was quite the process so you can see why we are over-the-top proud and happy to be on the site!

Flying Star Cafe Shop on Goldbelly
Pineapple Falling Up Cake

For a shopper, Goldbelly is, in two words, addictive and mesmerizing if you are foodies like us. It’s easy to spend 4 hours on just the New York Jewish delis or Texas BBQ. It’s a food paradise shipped to your doorstep. And that’s the other thing – our meticulous packaging, the logistics of shipping must be perfect so that every item makes it to anywhere in the US each and every time.

For a local business with no background in online shipping, it was a big step – lots of tiny details, higher performance expectations (will New York City like our cakes?) but our amazing staff of bakers, cooks and all the other helpers have done a beautiful job of putting this together.

Making Turtle Cheesecakes
Sopa Bolita

As a business whose original location is on old Route 66 we meet lots of visitors who ask us to ship something to them in other states. And let’s not forget about all those folks who have moved away from New Mexico – now they can have their cake and their chile fix, too!

Check out our Goldbelly shop here: https://www.goldbelly.com/flying-star-cafe.

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