Local Art

Local Art is the the pulse check of our community.

We support local artists and are happy to show vibrant work at our cafes for
the viewing pleasure of our employees and customers.


Our shows generally last for three months. To submit your work for consideration: Email 5 images, including dimensions and medium, artist statement and resume/bio to: art@flyingstarcafe.com.

We currently show work at: Flying Star Cafe on 8th & Silver. Flying Star Cafe in Bernalillo.

Our Local Artist Partners

We reserve the right to choose work based only on our taste and preferences. Content of art must be family-friendly. Once your work is selected, our consultant will contact you to make arrangements.

Our artwork consultant, Jory Vander Galien, received his BFA-Studio Art/Photography from the University of New Mexico with high honors. He is an award winning photographer with a passion for landscapes. Jory enjoys the simpler things in life, such as coffee, the great outdoors, music and the visual art of storytelling.

We do not sell artwork displayed in our cafes nor do we ask for a commission. All sales transactions are to be handled through the artist and purchaser.


Artists must bring the pieces ready to hang; framed and wired including any preparation that is necessary. Pieces must hang securely so please bring them properly prepared. Artists also provide copies of any artist information to make available to our customers and labels that include title, artist name, contact information, and price. A representative of Flying Star Cafe accompanies artists to hang selected pieces. Shows rotate every three months. We cannot be responsible for theft or damage while art is on display. Artists are responsible for removing their work.

Flying Star Downtown

Gloria Whatley

Flying Star Bernalillo

Joy Conway and the Sandoval Community Arts Organization

Flying Star Bernalillo

Noelle Richardson

Gloria Whatley | Flying Star Downtown

Gloria Whatley | Flying Star Downtown

Gloria Whatley | Flying Star Downtown

Gloria was born and raised in Casper Wyoming. International travel and a love of beauty has inspired her painting. She won a prize in a state high school competition for a piece of art. This gave her the desire to study art in college. She traveled to Pensacola Florida where she began. Back in Wyoming she studied art at Casper College under fine artist, Nancy Madura. Here she found a fascination with acrylic as her medium. With encouragement from Wyoming artist, Betty Downing, Gloria was able to display and sell pieces of her fine art.

After moving to New Mexico, she attended The Art Center Design College. She donated a painting to an art auction which brought popularity to her art. She was asked to show her art in local businesses. She since then has been showing her art and pursuing it as a career.  She has been asked to display her art in Impressions Gallery in Santa Fe. She hopes to continue to influence culture with her work.

Mural at Flying Star Bernalillo

The Artist’s View:

This was a fun and rewarding project for me, as well as being educational. Most of my work is done with private homeowners or business owners, and involves making their imagined designs come to life, or me creating a design out of…again…imagination. The Flying Star Bernalillo project involved over 30 hours of research, to insure that we had dates, chronological order and historical details such as clothing style and design portrayed accurately. Also, most of my commercial work is with an eye toward the future and sales. I found this project especially compelling because we were honoring the past events that had taken place around a new business site. It makes me look at Bernalillo with new awe and appreciation.

Finally, the best part about this project were the people involved, every last one a volunteer. We had both “real” artists and those who had no artistic experience work on the mural. It lends a sense of whimsy and beautiful “not-perfect” results so when many hands are involved and so many different styles come together. Everyone had a positive attitude, even though there was an intense deadline, and I made several friends of the special women who helped out. It was especially rewarding to me to realize that we had people of Mexican, Indian, Irish, Polish, Russian, English etc., descent working side by side to get the job done, with respect and cooperation. Who says we haven’t come a long way?

The Flying Star and Satellite restaurants have been my favorite since moving to the Albuquerque area eight years ago. I was thrilled to be a part of this project, and hope to work with the Sandoval Community Arts again!

Noelle Richardson - Flying Star Bernalillo


Noelle Richardson - Flying Star Bernalillo

Noelle Richardson - Flying Star Bernalillo

Noelle Richardson - Flying Star Bernalillo

Artist Statement:

My recent work is an exploration off the visual struggle between desire for abstraction and the nagging pull of representation. These paintings seek to expose insecurities about abstraction. The abstract forms are graffitied over by a recognizable figurative element. I hope that the representational elements give the viewer an avenue into the abstract.