Healthy Chicks

Our chefs and buyers have been working closely with RedBird™ to create a new product exclusively for Flying Star Cafe. The result is delicious young chicken, seasoned and hand-formed into a patty.

With farms based in Colorado and Arizona, RedBird™ became the symbol of quality for all-natural chicken many years ago. The chickens are raised with only vegetarian feed, and without antibiotics, artificial ingredients or added color. This assures tender, juicy, great tasting birds.

Add avocado, pepper jack, crisp slaw and a fresh baked Challah bun, and you have our new Bird Burger. It’s fresh, light and packed with flavor! We look forward to hearing your feedback on this new dish.


What’s for dinner tonight?


Since we opened in 1987, we’ve selected thousands of fresh ingredients and served hundreds of thousands of cooked-to-order dishes. We know you have your favorites, but how about a second look at all that our menu has to offer, all day, everyday?

Under ‘Dishes’ have you tried the Enchilada Stack with homemade red or green and soft corn tortillas? Or Free Form Chicken Pot Pie with white meat chicken breast and fresh veggies in a creamy gravy topped with a big homemade flaky pie crust, like a ‘biscuit’?

Or how about one of our big 100% NM beef burgers on a fresh baked, soft challah bun?

Don’t forget Dessert – new for the season – Coconut Lemon Raspberry cake and Double Chocolate Indulgence.

Join us for dinner tonight – View full menuChicken Pot Pie

We’ve been busy in the kitchen

– refreshing and tweaking our menu – starting with breakfast. How logical is that?!

And we have some new options on healthy breakfasts without giving up your ability to indulge.

What’s New:

  • Veggie Bennie has earned its place as a full time menu item
  • Breakfast Hash is now Power Hash – boosted with more superfoods. We’ve added organic kale to the organic quinoa, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and red peppers in this hearty dish (and it’s Gluten-Not). And, you can substitute avocado for the egg on top
  • New and almost vegan, our Spicy Tofu Tacos sport marinated, sautéed tofu, choice of corn or flour tortillas, avocado, sautéed veggies, salsa and harissa pesto mayo (hold the mayo for vegan) (Gluten-Not with corn tortillas)

There are lots of good tweaks to your favorite breakfast dishes, too:

  • The BYO Omelet has been reimagined with more of the ingredients you’ve requested
  • Egg breakfasts may  now be ordered with a blueberry pancake or a flapjack instead of toast
  • Cage-free egg whites can substitute for whole eggs
  • White corn tortillas now available in place of flour
  • We’re cooking with all butter unless you request olive oil blend
  • Beginning in early April, Greek yogurt will be our only yogurt
  • Fresh pineapple has joined the fresh fruit assortment

We love breakfast! That’s why it’s available all day, every day. Come in and explore.



Greener Days

Are you trying to eat lighter and healthier? Maybe even cutting back on the meat or intrigued by a plant-based diet? At Flying Star Café, we’re peeling, slicing and dicing fresh fruits and veggies – 45 in all – every day.

We’ve lots of choices for you. Here are just a few of our favorites:


  • Hearty Winter Greens and Grains with organic kale, organic quinoa, edamame, roasted pistachios & feta, garbanzos, golden beets & raisins, lemon honey dressing (Gluten-Not)
  • Sweet and savory Crave – Organic field greens, blue cheese, toasted almonds, strawberries, tart apples, oranges, dried cranberries, tomatillo vinaigrette (Gluten-Not)

Hot Dishes

  • Buddha Bowl(or Little Buddha) – fresh, stir fried broccoli, jicama, red pepper, mushrooms and edamame with lemongrass ginger sauce, choice of organic jasmine or brown rice (add tofu if you like)
  • Garden Harvest – NM goat cheese, sweet potatoes, asparagus, golden beets, zucchini, crimini mushrooms, grilled polenta cake, rich mushroom broth (Gluten-Not)
  • Moove-Over Meat Burger – Spicy southwest black bean patty, cheddar cheese, cajun dressing, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle on a housemade challah bun

Breakfast All Day

  • Spanish Fritatta has whipped eggs, thinly shaved papitas, swiss cheese, green onions, gazpacho salad, salsa (Gluten-Not)
  • Breakfast Hash with organic red quinoa, crimini mushrooms, sweet potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, red peppers, red & green onions, topped with a basted egg (Gluten-Not)

Lots of ways to lighten up! And there’s more…. Simply explore …. menu

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Quite a Catch – Wild Atlantic Haddock

Wild-caught in the icy waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean, abundant haddock thrives off the coasts of northern Maine, Canada, Norway and Iceland. Though decades ago the species was over-harvested and depleted, conservation laws have allowed haddock to repopulate in their natural habitat. Enjoy wild Atlantic haddock while they’re plentiful and sustainable!

Delicate in flavor, with a flaky texture, the versatile haddock tastes great in so many different preparations. Our Fish Tacos have been a best seller since day one – tender grilled haddock with pickled veggies, slaw and chipotle sauce, wrapped in flour tortillas.

The Fish Dish is light, tasty and healthful – a pan seared filet of haddock with Chef Willem’s seasoned butter, accompanied by fresh sautéed spinach and Israeli couscous. Fine Dining without the price tag.

When you’re craving deep-fried – go to Flying Star Fish & Chips. Wash it down with one of our New Mexico microbrews.

Which one will you try first?

_SAL3756 Extended Plate comp smaller


Celebrating Better Burgers

You know how we feel. We’ll always be dedicated to sourcing local and regional products whenever possible. We’ll always be dedicated to the humane treatment of animals.

We support New Mexico family cattle ranchers in our quest for the best burgers.

What else? The cattle are slaughtered nearby in a Temple Grandin state-of-the-art facility.

Who’s Temple Grandin? She is an American PHD of animal science. Her humane animal handling systems and slaughterhouse designs are slowly but surely transforming the way the US treats animals for human consumption.  (She’s also the most famous autistic person in the world today. Read more about this remarkable woman here.)

To highlight our delicious burgers, we’ve made some updates.

  •  Chef Cyril’s new Challah Bun, hand-made each day in our bakery
    • With a mini-version for the Petite Burger
    • Now serving our NM Burger on a Fiesta Roll
  • A new seasoning blend for the burger patty, making it more flavorful
  • A new cooking method, to keep the burger more juicy
  • We’re now serving fries in a cup, which will keep them hotter, longer

What’s not changing:

  • The price
  • The portion size
  • The quality of our 100% New Mexico beef

Enjoy what you’re eating, and feel good about it, too.


Whole Lotta Love

Imagine finding a treasure trove of handwritten love letters. We did. They were all written in 2005 –  before smartphone communicating changed the world.

Back then, we noticed the connections being made in Flying Star Cafes. We invited our guests to tell us about finding love at Flying Star. The result? Dozens of handwritten letters sharing stories.

Finding these treasures, we savored them, reading each letter and marveling at the role Flying Star has played in joining people together. Love beginning and continuing, families growing, businesses building, communities blossoming.

The written memories painted vivid pictures.

Almost a decade has passed. Do you have a story about love at Flying Star? We invite you to share it for a chance to win a $50 gift card. Email it, text it, link us to your social media post*– just send us your modern day, but nostalgic love letter.

Here’s Dave and Terry’s story to inspire you. Enjoy!

 You always find someone when you’re not looking (video)

2005 Love Letters

*Email submission to by 2/13/14. Winner announced 2/14/14. By submitting to this contest you agree that Flying Star Cafe may post your story, photos and / or video to their social media channels.

Now Serving: Organic Greens

Why Organics?

While people have different definitions of ‘quality’ in their food choices, statistics don’t lie. Over the past decade, there’s been a dramatic increase in demand for organic produce – from $1 billion in sales in 1990 to almost $30 billion in 2013.

We are believers in the benefits of organic products and have always chosen them over the years, when available. Organics are nutritionally superior, and we think they just taste better. Organic farming prohibits the use of pesticides, growth-producing hormones, antibiotics and other toxic additives, which is better for the earth and for us. Read more here. 

Starting this week we are happy to announce we have found Earthbound Farm through one of our local veggie guys. We have organic field greens, spinach and arugula now, with kale coming in mid-February.

The best news? All this for not a penny more in cost to you. Stay tuned for more good things to come!




Albuquerque’s Souper Bowl

How about some delicious food, family fun and the chance to support great work this weekend? Join us at the Souper Bowl!

Chef Cyril Theuret, who manages the Flying Star central kitchen, will present Brie & Mushroom soup for sampling at the event. “This is a perfect way for us to be involved in the community,” he said. “Our team loves to showcase our food and at the same time, we can partner with an organization dedicated to those less fortunate.”

Roadrunner Food Bank has a very important goal – to feed hungry people throughout New Mexico.  With the participation of 40+ leading restaurants and expected attendance of 1200 New Mexicans, Roadrunner Food Bank will be able to provide food for almost 40,000 people a week. For every $1 raised at Souper Bowl, five meals are distributed.

Celebrity judges and the public vote on their favorite dishes (soups and desserts) to determine the top three Critics’ Choice and People’s Choice winners. A cookbook featuring many recipes from the event will be available. For more info and to purchase tickets Roadrunner Food Bank

To make Flying Star’s Brie & Mushroom soup at home, click here

Mushroom Soup


Where have all the magazines gone?


Nob Hill, 2008

The End of An Era

Where have all the magazines gone? Gone to digital, almost every one.

When you visit a Flying Star today, you see a majority of our guests reading – online. Our tables are filled with laptops, tablets and smartphones. Over the past few years, the interest in our magazines has waned dramatically.

While we love magazines and the tactile pleasure of turning pages, after 27 years we must change with the times. We are phasing out of our magazines and racks, to make room (in most locations) for more seating options.

We invite you to bring your reading (digital or print!) and hang out with us. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition.