Artisan Bakery

Artisan Bakery

We’ve always loved food – good food, that is.

Both of us grew up in a time when food was mostly made in little mom and pop delis and groceries. This was the food of every man – not fancy, not expensive, but fresh, top quality, incredible tasting food made with love and care.

Fast forward to Albuquerque 1987. We found ourselves seeking a place that captured our happy food memories that didn’t exist.

Our deepest desire was to create connections and community over a table filled with delicious foods and sweets we made ourselves. We built a café and a bakery and hired our first baker (who was 72 at the time) to satisfy our cravings for imaginative indulgences as well as our traditional favorites.

Our cooking and baking were founded on our personal beliefs that great food should be wholesome and healthful, made with ingredients that nourish as well as delight.

We have never stopped making everything the old fashion way, from scratch every day. This has been and continues to be our inspiration for Flying Star.

Please enjoy,
Mark & Jean Bernstein

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