Avoiding Gluten?

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Our Gluten-Not menu items are made from ingredients that contain no gluten. However, because they are made in kitchens where flour is present, they are not suitable for people with Celiac disease. 

If you are avoiding gluten as a lifestyle choice, look for this symbol 2014-Gluten-Noton our menus

Current items on our menu that are Gluten-Not:

Eggs Florentine
Spanish Frittata
Breakfast Hash
Garden Harvest
Crave Salad
Tossed Cobb
Winter Greens & Grains 

Banana Walnut Cream Muffin
A muffin so moist and light you won’t believe we made it without gluten

An intense union of two chocolate mousses layered as a cake:
one dense and dark, the other smooth and light accented with a hint of orange 

We will modify other dishes, when possible, at your request. We suggest:

Caesar Salad – request “no croutons”
Chinese Crunch – “no wontons”
Burgers – “no bun”
Sandwiches – “no bread”

Please feel free to contact us at info@flyingstarcafe.com for more information.